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I've agreed to take part in in the social network game. Begrudgingly perhaps but none the less. I'm guessing that you too are online, part of The Game. After all you're reading this.
But what does this mean for my music? For music in general? It give's us a platform to promote from, a virtual pimping station from which we wiggle arse and an effective smoke screen. Everyone is the real deal here, here we are all entrepreneur's. There will be no party forgone as long as I am alive! Who isn't interested in everyone and everything? So please keep me in the know. Or don't!
These are the words of a old fashioned fool hardy man. I know this but I can't help but resent the Apple Mac lasso around my neck. I kicked balls and threw stones and was prepared to develop a crooked back.Now I shall end up with crooked thumbs and no spine at all. I'd forgive you for not attending my event, not liking my picture. I'd applaud you for not having read this or any other blog. Better go and tweet something.


Glenn Hodge

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    Kimi (Tuesday, 26 November 2013 15:16)

    I'm laffin' cuz nobody has commented on this bit of writing! You nail it on the feelings of resentment toward this thing called social media. I'm older than you so my loathing goes deeper. But, hey . . . thanks for hatin' it so bad to join it, cuz that's how I found you! And, if there's anything more twisted than this: As I pressed the LIKE button on yer FB sight, I realized that I was number 666 to like ya! Yeeee Haaaaw & keep on bloggin' cuz some of us can't be in London to see & hear ya often. Blogspots beat penpals these days. 8)

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